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Some color problems of MK-677 powder

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 The color of Mk677 powder is yellow to white in the standard state of the compound. There is no problem whether the MK-677 that customer received is yellow or white or similar white. The quality of mk-677 can only be determined by chemical inspection.
So that the question is why does the mk-677 have yellow and white.
The mk-677 must have a color which the difference between dark or light at the technical level. Some customers think the white is more beautiful of feel the white is more pure, so they need the color of mk-677 is white. The mk-677 can be bleached by technical means, the method is decolorization by methanol dissolution. After methanol dissolution, the yellow color will be washed away, and the crystallization will appear much whiter after drying. In factthere is no change in product quality or purity.
Generally, we do not deliberately decolorize mk-677 powder. There is no change in the quality of the compound from the point of view of the quality standards. Therefore, the light yellow mk-677 purchased by our company is free of any quality problems.