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 Ligandrol(LGD-4033) Basic Info
Active Ingredient: oleuropein
CAS: 1165910-22-4
Purity : ≥ 99.0%
Color: white powder 
What is a lgd4033
LGD4033 (Ligandrol), also known as Anabolicum, is the most powerful non-steroidal selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) available on the market. Because high affinity and selectivity and androgen receptor, promote the anabolic activity of muscle, bone absorption and resistance of the anabolic activity, as well as the muscles and bones strong selectivity for prostate and sebaceous glands, it is welcomed by athletes. LGD - 4033 has experienced several recent research and and trials, has found the best and safest way to use lgd4033 is to achieve the steroid effect without steroid side effects.It is considered an excellent substitute for steroids: reducing body fat and increasing muscle mass. ind the best and safest way to use lgd4033 can achieve the effect of steroid without the side effects of steroid.It is considered an excellent substitute for steroids: reducing body fat and increasing muscle mass.
From a medical point of view, is studying with Ligandrol cure some disease, these diseases are associated with acute and chronic disease of muscle atrophy, age-related muscle loss, osteoporosis and cancer and other diseases.
The history of LGD4033
Lgd-4033 was originally discovered by the development of ligand drugs, and now Viking Therapeutics is developing it as VK5211.From the beginning, due to its selective mechanism and oral administration, lgd-4033 is expected to produce the effect of testosterone, but it has better safety, acceptability and user acceptance.
How does lgd4033 powder work
Androgen receptors are selectively activated to promote the synthesis of metabolic activity in muscles and bones.Studies have shown that lgd-4033 has a high affinity for muscle and bone, not the prostate, liver or sebaceous glands, making it an ideal SARM for building and maintaining muscle mass and bone density.
Androgen (from the Greek "andro" means male humans) is a compound (natural or synthetic), with androgen receptors (special receptors on cells) to adjust vertebrates (including humans) the development and sustenance of male characteristics.Androgens are often steroid hormones.Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARM) are selective in their tissues.This means that it has a very high binding to androgen receptors.SARMS as "selective" can be entered by mouth, but only with a specific target area, in which case it can be combined with the male receptor in the muscle.
Clinical trials
Since the initial discovery, two phases of clinical trials have been completed to study the use of lgd-4033 in muscle and bone growth.
Clinical trial stage 1: effects on weight loss and muscle strength.
The first phase of the clinical trial involved 76 healthy male adults, taking either placebo or 0.1mg, 0.3mg and 1.0mg LGD-4033 21 days.The study looked at the effects of ligand on weight loss, muscle strength, climbing ability and sex hormones, and the results were very good.
Clinical trial stage 2:
Viking Pharmaceuticals is currently conducting a second phase of clinical trials to verify that lgd-4033 can help individuals recover from hip fracture surgery.
It turns out that Ligandrol has the effect of reducing weight, improving muscle strength and enhancing bone density, which is beneficial for people with hip fractures caused by falls.
What are the advantages of lgd4033 powder and its advantages, advantages and effects:
Seven main benefits were observed in the initial research and user feedback lgd-4033 evaluation:
1.LGD-4033 increases muscle mass.The most direct benefit of supplementing Anabolicum is that it increases muscle mass without increasing fat.The first phase showed that participants who took 1.0mg Ligandrol increased their muscle mass by an average of 2.66 LBS (1.21kg) for 21 days.This increase is related to the dose, and we can speculate that more LGD-4033 will increase the muscle mass.(but you can't overdo it.)
2.LGD-4033 can improve strength and endurance.An important study was to measure participants' climbing speed and strength as indicators of muscle strength and endurance.The 21-day study showed that the speed and strength of the ladder was significantly improved by ingestion of LGD4033.It is reported that users found that by inging lgd -4033 during cycling, they also significantly increased muscle strength and endurance.
3.LGD-4033 selectively targets muscle and bone tissue.LGD4033 almost exclusively on muscle and bone tissue, which is why are studying how to use LGD4033 prevention and treatment of hip fractures, skeletal muscle to reduce disease, osteoporosis and recovery from hip fracture in the elderly.Studies have shown that, even if androgen activity is clearly present in muscle and bone tissue, if the correct Anabolicum dose is used, there is no significant change in psa.Preventing bone loss and increasing bone formation are two mechanisms to prevent osteoporosis.In addition to calcium and vitamin D, bisphosphonates can also be used in men and women.These drugs increase bone mineral density (BMD) by inhibiting osteoclast activity.
4.LGD-4033 May consume fat.LGD4033 has an amazing anti-decomposition activity, which means it can prevent muscle breakdown.This explains why some users gain muscle mass even when energy is low.By increasing muscle and bone, it indirectly reduces body fat, increases metabolic activity, and burns fat more easily.
5.LGD-4033 improves mental health.When you take LGD4033, many users will feel "positive, strong and alpha."This state of mental health and what some people call "aggression" may help them work harder at the gym and be more willing to compete with others.
6.LGD-4033 can help patients recover from hip fracture.The second phase of the Ligandrol clinical trial is currently underway.Viking pharmaceutical company noticed that older people risk of hip fracture is higher, because of the reduced muscle (muscle natural decline after the age of thirty years), hip fracture, and incidence of complications increase after the fall.LGD4033 can help increase bone density and increase muscle mass without the side effects of traditional treatments such as steroids.
7.LGD-4033 can treat muscle atrophy caused by cancer.A phase 1 clinical trial of Anabolicum showed that the results of building and maintaining muscle in healthy young men were good, prompting Viking Pharmaceuticals to study how LGD4033 was used to treat cancer-causing muscle atrophy.Trials are under way (2016).
Muscular dystrophy, including skeletal muscle loss, is a cancer-related symptom that begins early in the progression of cancer, affects the quality of life of the patient, and affects the ability to tolerate and survive chemotherapy.SARM increases muscle mass and improves body function in healthy and diseased individuals, and may provide new treatments for muscle atrophy and cancer cachexia.SARMs adjustment with androgen targeting the same synthetic metabolic pathways, but in the expected to have an impact on muscle mass and function dose range, has not yet been observed in the prostate, androgen effects of skin and hair.
What are the side effects of lgd4033 powder:
In the placebo controlled study, 76 healthy men (21-50 years old) were randomly assigned to either placebo or 0.1mg, 0.3mg, or 1.0mg LGD-4033,21 days.
LGD-4033 is well tolerated.There was no serious adverse event associated with the drug.The incidence of adverse events was similar between the activity group and the placebo group.At any given dose, hemoglobin, prostatic specific antigen, aspartate transaminase, alanine aminotransferase or QT interval did not significantly change.
The dosage of LGD-4033 was associated with dose-dependent inhibition of total testosterone, sex hormone binding globulin, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol and triglyceride levels.Only 1.0mg of follicle stimulating hormone and free testosterone showed significant inhibitory effects. The muscle mass was proportional to the dosage, but the amount of fat did not change significantly. The hormone levels and serum lipids were restored to baseline after withdrawal.
LGD-4033 is safe, it has good pharmacokerical features, and even in this short period of time the muscle mass increases, and the psa has not changed.
Like all supplements, the users of Ligandrol noticed some side effects during the study. It is worth noting, however, that the side effects of lgd-4033 seem to be not only trivial, but also improvable. The main clinical trial stage 1 showed that lgd-4033 had good tolerability and safety at all doses.
However, users also reported some side effects including headaches, hair growth and loss of nausea and fatigue.
The results and side effects vary from person to person, especially as a non-fda approved supplement as a minimum study.
No serious or sustained side effects were found in the LGD 4033 report. With the advent of a 24-hour half-life, everything you experience will quickly disappear. I also recommend that you limit each cycle to up to six weeks and reuse it after a month. Always pay attention to your body.
Does lgd-4033 temporarily inhibit testosterone?
An interesting side effect of Ligandrol is that testosterone and hormone binding globulin levels decrease.Although the muscles were increased, the study showed that testosterone was also suppressed.But once LGD-4033 was stopped, testosterone levels returned to normal levels in 56 days.PCT should help the body recover to normal levels.
Lgd4033 powder in the experiment and its fitness dose precautions
Doses per 24 to 36 hours are low to 3 to 10mg.Subjects were known to be able to tolerate and have significant curative effect after 2 weeks and to maintain continuous improvement for 5 months (20 weeks).Please note that studies show that the tolerance increases after 3 months and the benefits continue to decline.
Many male users reported the ideal limit for LGD4033 is 10mg per day for 12 weeks.
Although some women reported using lgd-4033, it was suggested that it might lead to a male and recommended lower doses.It is recommended that women adhere to the 5mg limit per day.
Cyclic therapy (PCT)
Using SARMS helps maintain muscle contractions, prevent fat accumulation, maintain mood and motivation, and maintain muscle strength, requiring periodic therapy (PCT).Cycling also helps to restore hormone levels to a natural state in order to prevent unwanted dependence.
The duration of PCT is usually the same as that of the supplement.So if the user supplements the hormone for 12 weeks, it will take 12 weeks of PCT to get their hormones back to baseline.
But when I take SARM, do I need PCT?
Normally, SARMs does not destroy the hormone levels in the body, which means that traditional PCT is not required. However, research and user reviews showed that lgd-4033 temporarily lowered testosterone levels.These levels quickly reverse when the supplement stops, and PCT can help speed up the recovery process.
What should I pay attention to when purchasing dlg4033 powder online:
Lgd-4033 can be easily and legally purchased online for research purposes, which means there are plenty of companies to choose from.However, since the compound has not yet been approved for human consumption, the SARM industry is unregulated, so it is important to find reputable suppliers as soon as possible.
Final comment: our view of lgd4033 powder
As the most powerful SARM in the market, and renowned in the bodybuilding industry, lgd-4033 is considered one of the best supplements to build muscle without steroid side effects.
Due to its anti catabolism and anabolism activity, Ligandrol is very suitable for repeated use, which makes it become a prominent supplements in your strong and handsome toolkit, it combines with other SARM very well.
Compared with other SARM, LGD4033 is most prominent in the level of human clinical research.Although it has not yet been approved for use in humans, the trials are still being studied, but in some studies it has been shown to increase the amount of lean muscle in humans rather than mice or primates.
In addition, these trials showed encouraging results in just three weeks, and the users were said to have achieved good results after the 12-week cycle.
Because it selectively targets muscle and bone tissue, lgd-4033 does not have the side effects of steroid use.
The only obvious worry for Ligandrol is that the dose is suppressed by testosterone.However, once the circulation and PCT are completed, the normal testosterone level can be quickly restored.
If you are looking for increased muscle endurance, body mass and reduced fat, and no side effects of testosterone, lgd-4033 is the ideal choice for your next supplement.
Is Ligandrol (LGD 4033) valid?
LGD is developed to treat muscular dystrophy, such as aging, osteoporosis, muscular dystrophy and cancer.
Why is this important? So, for cancer, for example, the incidence of muscle loss is reported between 20 and 70 percent, depending on the type of tumor and the evaluation  criteria. Muscular dystrophy, including skeletal muscle loss, is a cancer-related symptom that begins early in the progression of cancer and affects the quality of life of the patient, the ability to tolerate chemotherapy and survival.
In addition to legitimate medical USES, it is also used as a performance-enhancing drug.In a fit world, LGD is being marketed as a free alternative to steroids such as testosterone, to increase muscle mass and performance.
The drug widely popular among athletes and professionals, they realized that muscle size and body composition, including weightlifter, bodybuilder, model, cross practitioners, strong athletes and athletes.
Recently, there has been a lot of hype around LGD4033. Although it's not a steroid, Ligandrol has been making headlines lately, as athletes get into trouble for taking illegal supplements.The Florida gators quarterback wilgreer found in his regular test that he had Ligandrol in his system.
Substances such as LGD4033 are developed for treatment and are often abused by athletes as stimulants and enhancers.Because LGD gets a lot of publicity, it's worth looking at this study.
How does it work?
The differences in the selectivity and distribution of SARM are related to the interaction of 5 alpha-reductase or CYP19 aromatase. But the effect was shown by studies that did not accumulate in the anabolic tissue.
The role of testosterone in some androgenic tissues is amplified by its conversion to 5 alpha-dht;SARMs can not be used as the transfer of 5 alpha-reductase.The selectivity of SARMs may be related to the regulation of proteins.
The combination of testosterone and DHT promotes liganded AR and beta-catenin; This interaction stabilizes the protein. Protein plays an important role in the effect of testosterone on myoblast differentiation. SRAM - induced proteins contribute to the interaction between AR's amino terminal and carboxyl terminal (i.e., N/C interaction), indicating that N/C interaction is preferred.
Ligandrol increases testosterone?
No. Basiria research shows LGD4033 from began taking over the total testosterone to 21 days according to the results so far have inhibition.
How long does it take to see results?
LGD-4033 has an immediate effect on hormones. In terms of function, the study showed that in 21 days of research, muscle mass increased, which was quite striking in a short period of time.
How long does Lgd4033 remain in the body?
Lgd-4033 shows that the half-life is longer, and it takes 24 to 36 hours to break down half of the dose in the body. In other words, the level of LGD in the human body drops by half every 24 to 36 hours. The next day, the level fell by half again, and so on.
After stopping using lgd-4033, the hormone returned to normal levels in the 56th day.
Is Ligandrol safe?Do you have any side effects?
Phase I clinical trials and Basiria studies showed that LGD-4033 was safe and well tolerated at all doses (0.1mg, 0.3mg and 1.0mg).The incidence of adverse events was similar between placebo and any dose group. Headache, muscle biopsy related pain and dry mouth was the most common event, and did not show the dose relationship.
One of the clinical outcomes of LGD is the discovery of its half-life. Half-life means you can give it once a day, or even less frequently. Studies have shown a strong relationship between dose and plasma concentration.
Conclusion: should we consider it?
In the past decade, several pharmaceutical companies have developed non-steroidal SARMs as a new type of functional enhancement therapy for muscle loss.
Lgd-4033 recent clinical data is very promising, and even in three weeks, it is safe and can increase lean meat, which is a great result in a short period of time.It must be remembered, however, that this was recorded in a single study of a small sample size (76 people), and the sample size of phase I clinical trials was small (48).
There is not enough research at this stage to show its efficacy, although it looks promising!
Although future research may indicate that LGD is safe and effective, the evidence is not strong enough to support it.Given including aging, cancer and osteoporosis, muscle loss, such as the global burden of disease, is likely to further research and clinical trials will provide more powerful evidence for its clinical use.
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