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23964-57-0 Local Anesthesia Drugs Articaine HCL / Articaine Hydrochloride

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23964-57-0 Local Anesthesia Drugs Articaine HCL / Articaine Hydrochloride
 Basic information
Product Name: Articaine hydrochloride
Synonyms: methyl 4-methyl-3-[[(1-oxo-2-(propylamino)propyl]amino]-2-thenoate monohydrochloride;CarticaineHCl;Ultracaine;CARTICAINE HYDROCHLORIDE;Ultracain;Articaine hydrochloride;Methyl 4-methyl-3-(2-propylaminopropanoylamino)thiophene-2-carboxylate hydrochloride;4-methyl-3-[2-(propylamino)propanoylamino]thiophene-2-carboxylic acid methyl ester hydrochloride
: 23964-57-0
MF: C13H20N2O3S.ClH
MW: 320.839
EINECS: 245-957-7
Packing:25kg/drum or as required

Articaine HCl is rapidly metabolized by plasma carboxyesterase to its primary metabolite, articainic acid, which is inactive. In vitro studies show that the human liver microsome P450 isoenzyme system metabolizes approximately 5% to 10% of available articaine with nearly quantitative conversion to articainic acid.