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Product Description
Product Name:Synephrine
CAS NO:94-07-5,582-84-3
Molecular Weight:167.205
Appearance:Light yellow to off-white fine powder
Grade:Pharmaceutical Grade
Usage:used for rising blood pressure
Product Resource: Extracted from the dried immature fruit of Citrus aurantium L
Synephrine (or oxedrine) is a drug commonly used for weight loss. While its effectiveness is widely debated, synephrine has gained significant popularity as an alternative to, a related substance which has been made illegal or restricted in many countries due to health risks and its use as a precursor in the illicit manufacturing. There is however no occurrence of diverted synephrine for the manufacture of amphetamines, and the naturally occurring synephrine is, due to its phenolic group, unsuitable for such diversion. Products containing bitter orange or synephrine are suspected of causing adverse cardiovascular reactions. Synephrine is derived primarily from the immature fruit of Citrus aurantium, a relatively small citrus tree, of which several of its more common names include Bitter Orange, Sour Orange, and Zhi shi. Dietary supplements generally supply single oral doses of 3–30 mg, while as a pharmaceutical agent it is given orally or by parenteral injection in 20–100 mg doses as a vasoconstrictor to hypotensive patients.
Fat Loss
Synephrine is a stimulant, similar to caffeine and ephedrine. It is thought to have similar effects in terms of providing an energy boost, suppressing appetite and increasing metabolic rate leading to the burning or more calories. It is used as a safer alternative to Ma Huang, synephrine is theorized to stimulate fat metabolism without the negative cardiovascular side effects experienced by some people with Ma Huang.
The most likely explanation for weight loss effects attributed to citrus aurantium (synephrine) supplements is the stimulant like effects of the alkaloids. Although this effect is likely to be somewhat less dramatic that effects induced by Ma Huang (ephedra - also known as Sida Cordifolia), users can expect variable effects including reduced appetite and heightened feelings of energy (similar to caffeine)... both of which are likely to result in weight loss.
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